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The Journey of a Boutique Brand

Nearly eleven years ago now I was sat with close friends drinking a bottle of champagne and I twisted the cage and cap on to my finger and fashioned a ring. As I looked down I realised I had never seen jewellery that celebrated not only the wonder of champagne but the ritual that surrounds it. Most of us open a bottle of champagne to celebrate or commiserate something, whether it be a wedding, birth, graduation, birthday, anniversary, new job, new home, the passing of a loved one or celebrating with old or new friends, champagne has at its core

memories. It was this sentiment that spurred me on to create Wearing Memories and the brand it is today.

Now, eleven years on, the celebration of champagne is still my inspiration but as a brand, and what with living in a country at the forefront of effects of global warming, sustainability is at the core of everything I do. Our brand bridges fashion and the beverages industry, something that has not always translated, but with more and more brands cross pollinating their design we have seen a change in trends and understanding of sustainability in design. As such we have scaled

back to make sure as a brand we are being as eco conscious as we can be. We have streamlined our collections to keep production in line with demand, we still offer bespoke pieces but those are on request. We are moving to online sales portals in order to reduce production waste and also packaging. We have moved to be paperless and our packaging is recyclable as each item is sent out wrapped in a scarf that can be worn or repurposed. Living in

Australia reminds me everyday that we must take care of our planet, so as a designer and owner of a brand my motive now is to protect that planet in whatever little way I can. Who knows where we will be as brand in the next decade but I know we will grow with sustainability at the forefront of our design, activity in the marketplace and message to our consumers.


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