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 Jewellery for Champagne Lovers


Bespoke pieces are individually designed and created for our clients by hand selecting the highest quality and most beautiful fresh water pearls and semi-precious stones.  Bespoke pieces are perfect for that special champagne bottle that has been popped and the memory is kept forever in your special individualised jewelry piece.

Design Your Own



Chances are you remember your very first bottle of champagne while celebrating a special occasion. Whether it was a romantic proposal, engagement, wedding, anniversary, special birthday, the birth of a child, new job, successful business deal, or simply catching up with dear friends and loved ones, these memories bring joy every time you recall them.

You can cherish those 'champagne worthy' memories forever, with Wearing Memories Jewellery. Wearing Memories jewellery is designed to hold the ‘plaque de muselet’ (cap) from the top of a champagne bottle.

Wearing Memories jewellery is made from 100% high quality, tarnish resistant Australian Sterling silver or brass; a quality comparable to any in the world. Manufactured and designed in Australia, individual pieces are polished and buffed to the highest quality shine glaze.

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