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Champagne Stories...

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When I was young I would always see my grand-father at the far end of his huge table, lighting up a cigare and popping a bottle of Champagne that would put stars into his eyes. I used to think those bottles were magnificent and magical because they used to lit up the eyes of my grand-father. Big white flowers were drawn on those green bottles. I admired them for hours. Then my grand-father felt sick and I never saw those bottles again, nor the stars into his eyes. One morning, the phone rang, it was to tell me my grand-father had died over night. When I got to his house, the first thing I saw on his table was a flute and a bottle of Perrier-Jouet. All my childhood memories came back all of a sudden. This Champagne is and will forever be linked to my grand-father. So when my best friend got her Wearing Memories piece a few days ago, I was at her place, and inside was a cap of Perrier-Jouet, I started crying right away, all those memories brought back to the surface overwhelming me with both joy and sadness.

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My boyfriend invited me in Milano for the millennium (I'm French, he's Australian) we're living in France. He bought a very good expensive bottle of champagne for this special night, December 31st, 1999 ... And then at midnight during the fireworks he asked me to marry him ... I said yes and since then we are happy hubby & wife with 2 awesome kids, Meg 13 & Tom 10. This night in Milano is and will always be my most beautiful champagne memory.



Polo in the City with Veuve Clicquot 3 years in a row! 


My best Champagne Memory was in 2011 when my boyfriend and I were backpacking around Europe. We decided to do a day trip to Reims & Epernay from Paris and it was the most amazing day of my life. We visited 3 Champagne houses and were truly overwhelmed of the beauty and history behind this fantastic bubbly drink. Visiting such an amazing place with the love of my life was truly special. 


My very first bottle on our first wedding anniversary. I fell in love! 


Celebrating my family being together for 40years, still got the celebratory, MoÎt et Chandon 


My fifth wedding anniversary in 1990. My husband and I went out to Dinner with our entire wedding party. We toasted our champagne and the restaurant let all of us keep our champagne glasses. Joe and I still have them all 23 years later! 


My partner and I were in Paris. We bought a bottle of Cristal to see what all the fuss was about. Oh my god, it was the most delightful and sublime experience as the unbelivably light bubbles danced in my mouth. I knew then, exactly what all the fuss was about! 


Climbing to the top of the beautiful Mt Warning in Northern NSW in the dark early hours of the morning with flashlights to see the first light of the New Year shining over the Eastern coast of Australia and surprisingly celebrating and (gasp!) sharing in plastic cups our bottle of champas from our backpack with other Happy Hikers who had arrived up the top of the mountain before us!! 


My husband getting his PhD in Mining Engineering with a bottle of champagne given to my uncle 30 years before when he got is mine managers certificate. The Moet we open afterwards tasted much better but the moment filled with history has been a precious family memory forever! 


When I was 18, all my sister wanted for her engagement gift was a bottle of Bollinger! I worked extra shifts and saved up the $150 to buy her a bottle. I still remember the excitement when the cork popped and the joy of tasting that hard earned champagne together. It was our very first sip of champagne. She still has the cork and the bottle 13 years later and this ring would be perfect for that cork! 


How can I choose - I drank champagne the day I got engaged, the day I got married, the day my children were born, the day I found out I had beaten cancer, the day we buried my sister, and my father and my grandmother, the day my daughter graduated.Every time I drink champagne is a beautiful memory. 


First tasting Verve on our engagement 28 years ago! 


Very excited to receive my wearing memories bracelet, Amazing quality, it shows it is made in Australia. Only problem is which champagne should I drink today should to match my, pink!!! 


Sabring my first time 


Having my first glass of actual champagne, (veuve clicquot). You never forget your first ;) 

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