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Our Champagne Royal Riviera 


Wearing Memories: Wine Merchants is the importer and distributor of luxury beverages.  All of our beverages are personally picked by the owner, Kiron Barui.  As well as being a designer of the beautiful jewelry range, Wearing Memories, Kiron is also an accredited WSET 3 trained sommelier.

We selectively import lifestyle beverages including champagne and prosecco that are ideal for weddings and functions.  As you may now know the jewelry range, Wearing Memories is designed to hold the cap from the top of the champagne bottle allowing you to wear your special memory of the event or function.  The jewelry and beverage can be packaged together for gifting your loved ones, clients, or guests. 

Her specialty is to design and create beverages for a female palate.

With her champagne sister Sara and business partner, Kiron and Sara have created

Champagne Royal Riviera. It is a champagne that is suited to all occasions and is able to be paired from oysters to cupcakes. 

Sara lives in Monaco and Kiron in Australia and they are connected by the oceans. 

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