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11th of January 2021 marks a decade of champagne love, sisters, brothers and, of course, memories. What a decade it has been! Wearing Memories is loved internationally, and we are so grateful for all the past 10 years have brought. We are stocked in prestigious stores such as Harrods in London; we have been featured in London Fashion Week 2015/2016; Pieces have been featured on a number of celebrities around the world and just recently our founder Kiron Barui was on the front cover of Style Magazine!

In celebration of this amazing achievement it is only fitting to rewind to 2011 and recount the tale of how Wearing Memories came to be.


First, we must however thank all of our champagne sisters and brothers for keeping the dream of Wearing Memories alive and kicking for 10 years! So pop a bottle, pour a glass and cheers to many more years to come.


Everyone remembers the pop of their first bottle of champagne. The cherished memories made over a glass of bubbly are not easily forgotten. Whether its an engagement, a proposal, a birthday and so much more, these memories bring a nostalgic joy whenever they are called upon.

Founder and champagne extraordinaire, Kiron Barui, started her champagne adventure with wearing memories in 2011 after years of collecting memories in the form of champagne caps; writing the dates and memories on the back of each cap—unless it was a very very good night, of course. She and her friends would wear the cage around their fingers, as a makeshift and veritably dangerous ‘ring’ to while enjoying one another’s company. However, more often than not, they would end up with a few scratches and an occasional jab to the eye from the crude wire ring.

Deciding that she had stabbed herself one too many times and believing the magic of champagne Kiron designed her very first ring. The brand evolved and ten years later we have a Wearing Memories piece for everyone and every occasion.

Ten years on and so much more to come.

Wishing the champagne fountains to flow freely and the Sound of Happiness to ring loudly for everyone in 2021.


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