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Sharing Champagne Memories by @ChampagneMemories

It has been a very sad week in my house, for our beloved cat Lilly of nine years tragically passed away. Lilly was such a huge part of our family life. I didn't feel like doing very much, but life goes on as they say...I need to carry on. I was so distressed, that I didn't even feel like drinking champagne.It got me thinking when your down or need to unwind you often see people drinking a whiskey or cognac being poured in small amounts in a large glass which automatically states an air of seriousness. However, this is not really the case with champagne for in every bottle of champagne there is always a wonderful sense of happiness. But, I didn't want to be happy. I wanted to be rescued and I wanted this sickly ache in my heart to go away.

I thought of the wonderful house of Taittinger and how the knight on the cap had always fascinated with his wonderful posture and bubbly shining armour. The real knight of Champagne was Hugh Count of Champagne (1074-1125).I thought back to the time I attended a wonderful night in Sydney by the harbour bridge and met Clovis Taittinger, our modern day champagne knight. Mr Taittinger was so graceful, yet strong and romanced us all with the full range of Champagne Taittinger. Staring with the Brut, then on to the Vintage and finally on the setting of the sun...the amazing purple bottle Nocturne was being poured as the orange and pink colours of the sky were replaced by bright shining stars while over looking the famous Sydney harbour bridge. In the style of a true count and noble man, we were treated to the amazing complex yet fresh Comte du Champagne 04 and we encouraged merriness and laughter until the stars faded and the sun began to rise. It is lovely to know that champagne is always there, no matter what the occasion happy or sad and it is especially romantic to think that in our modern age we are still able to be rescued by a champagne knight!

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