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Hats off to a golden champagne collaboration

An exciting collaboration, a bond borne through creativity, design, respect and passion is the foundation for a most exciting pairing – The Devoted Milliner and Wearing Memories!

Cindy Vogels, Designer and owner of The Devoted Milliner and our very own Kiron Barui from Wearing Memories have been creatively inspiring each other since a small post of Lady Gaga wearing one of Cindy’s hats was posted on Instagram, a moment that intervened in their fates, bringing them together.

Both proud mums, both uniquely creative and both powerhouses in the Australian Fashion Industry, their pairing is a match made in style heaven. Recently featured in Profile Magazine, Cindy speaks highly of her long term friend, citing that she is regularly found “hoarding the little decorative metal caps to pop into Wearing Memories jewellery”, during her interview!

Joining forces yet again, this dynamic and sparkling due will be wowing the fashionistas of the world together at both London Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week later this month. A specially designed couture millinery piece has been personally crafted by Cindy to be combined with the bespoke styling of a unique Wearing Memories piece to be displayed at the centre of Kiron’s up and coming new season fashion shows.

Follow The Devoted Milliner and Wearing Memories online to catch all the glamour and style of the London and Paris Fashion Shows.

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