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Wearing Memories Jewellery and Royal Riviera Champagne Delight Guests at the Spring Polo, Australia

It was a day filled with ponies, glamour and exquisite champagne...the day was the Inaugural Spring Polo held during late September in the regional city of Toowoomba, the home town of Wearing Memories designer, Kiron Barui.

As guests arrived at the beautifully decorated marquee, they were greeted with a glass of Royal Riviera champagne and invited to walk down the red carpet where they were welcomed by designer, Kiron Barui, and the Wearing Memories team. As the afternoon proceeded, guests were encouraged to dress up with turquoise umbrellas and sailors hats, to sip on the beautiful Royal Riviera champagne and to enjoy fresh oysters with caviar, giving them a taste of what the Monte Carlo lifestyle is all about.

As major sponsors of this event, Wearing Memories and Royal Riviera Champagne sponsored the traditional Polo Divot Stomp where the first guest to find the hidden champagne cork on the polo field, won a stunning Wearing Memories piece.

The sold out event was such a wonderful success that organisers are already planning the 2017 Spring Polo. We will be sure to let you know when tickets are made available for this delightful day out under the sun.

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