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My WM - A Personalised Piece

Updated: May 24, 2022

After reflecting on the insanity of the last couple of years, our incredible designer decided making and commemorating memories was more important than ever. Introducing Wearing Memories' newest piece: My WM.

This piece is simple and wearable - the epitome of elegance. It comes completely blank on the back so that our champagne sisters and misters can have their very own special memories engraved on their piece.

'With all that has happened recently, I think that our memories need to be treasured.'

Our designer has decided to make the new range a little cheaper and accessible to all lovers of champagne and champagne memories.

She believes that everyone needs to create more bubbly memories as memories are our best investment.

On a more personal note, like many people, our designer and her loved ones struggled with the loss of loved ones over the course of the pandemic and she was particularly touched when her daughter and a group of her friends engraved signet rings to commemorate the loss of their school friend.

This, in part, inspired the creation of this piece as it is something you can wear close to your heart and keep all your special memories safe and treasured.

Years, lover and glasses of champagne are all things that should not be counted. However, the memories that accompany them, most definitely should!


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