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Positive Luxury: Beauty At No 'Cost'

Although we aspire to create beauty at Wearing Memories, we are vigilant in our mission to ensure that our little slice of luxury is created ethically and sustainably.

Wearing Memories Jewellery is completely made in Australia through a clean manufacturer whose innovative techniques create the least amount of waste possible. Once our jewellery is casted, it is completed by hand to sustainably create a high-quality piece.

Positive Luxury is a company that acknowledges and supports luxury brands who are committed to sustainable and ethical practices through their “Butterfly” stamp. This stamp is only awarded to brands that can prove they meet these rigorous requirements.

This allows brand transparency and peace of mind for our lovely consumers. They can shop our jewellery knowing they are also supporting cleanly practices—an unfortunate rarity in the modern market.

The UK based company aims to both influence customers to invest in better products and inspire brands to create better products. Their partners come from a variety of fields such as: fashion, premium beverages, jewellery, accessories and travel.

Positive Luxury is owned Diana Verde Nieto, a pioneering sustainability expert who has been honoured by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader. Together, they passionately run this company, allowing luxury brands—and all brands for that matter—to move into the future sustainably.

Luxury should not come at a hefty cost to the environment and it should not compromise our ethics either. We believe that beauty is not just in the final product, but in the process and the art of creating a beautiful product. At Wearing Memories, such beauty can only be achieved with these key principles in mind.

For more information on Positive Luxury and all they have to offer, click here


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